Princeton Pharmacy is a leading ship medical supplier in one of the busiest port of call by merchant ships, Singapore.

Princeton Pharmacy supplies and delivers medicines, surgical equipment, surgical consumables to ships sailing through or from Singapore. The company also supply to other ports of call, subject to their local customs clearance. Other supplies include first-aid products and rehabilitation equipment.

The company's main customers are the ship owners, chandlers, agents, oil rigs, aircrafts and diving companies.

The company serves ships calling into Singapore ports, carries out inspection of ship medical lockers or hospitals, and replenishes their supplies and issue and renew Medical Certificates. The company also assists in the disposal of expired medical stores.

With priority in serving its customers well, the company is certified with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) as well as Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices (GDPMDS) by international certification body, Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance.

Princeton Pharmacy participates and is a member of:
  • Singapore Association of Ship Suppliers (SASS)
  • Singapore Ship-Chandlers Association (SSCA)

Princeton Pharmacy started out as a retail pharmacy in Singapore in 1983. Its business was dependent upon three areas then; the written prescriptions for patients, retail sales and ship store supplies to vessels medical lockers onboard ships. There were 5 employees then. The pharmacy was located in the centre of the city.

In 1990, Princeton Pharmacy moved to a shop lot in the western part of the island to serve its customers more timely and to within short driving distances to the key ports where vessels berthed. This has followed the increase in importance of Singapore ports and ship building industry in the country that has grown to become one of the busiest ports in the world.

From manual operations, many processes were gradually automated in Princeton Pharmacy. Stock inventory grew and the number of products increased and an IT system eventually implemented. Scaling up the business the enterprise moved sites to bigger facilities to accommodate its operations.

In 2003, the enterprise had 9 employees and it has grown to 40 in 2011.

In 2013, Princeton Pharmacy further expanded and moved to its current site with a floor capacity of over 33,000 sq feet centralizing all its function in one location. It has temperature and humidity controlled medical stores, a dedicated customer service department to pack and deliver to the customers, a sales and operations department to handle orders, a production department to ensure supplies and an executive office for administration. There are more than 60 employees.

The enterprise practices Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and Good Distribution Practices for Medical Devices (GDPMDS) management systems.

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